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Changing the world of Audio

When recorded sound was introduced in the twentieth century, it was a phenomenon. Today nowhere has the uptake of that innovation been more evident than in the creative endeavors of musicians, filmmakers and artists. Because of this, sound reproduction would become an art all of its own.

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A new Innovation

Relying as it has done since the beginning on a singular engineering insight (the moving coil loudspeaker), the art of sound reproduction has become fixed in the minds of every generation as the cone-shaped device we see all around us. What if there was another way? It was this question that ultimately let to the development of the plaster-over loudspeaker.

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Vibrational Panel Technology

Like a musical instrument, which generates sound via its resonating structure, invisible speakers use VPT to create an analogous effect. In essence, this means creating hundreds of tiny vibrations across a flat surface, rather like the soundboard of a violin. It is a more natural way of reproducing sound, and offers a number of audio advantages.

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Because our speakers work with the plaster and other covering materials in which in they are placed, they can be rendered invisible. In a technological climate dominated by wireless design, system integration and functionality, invisible audio is keeping pace with intelligent systems.

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Research Led, Education Focused

Everything we do at Amina is centered on our desire to change the way we listen. At the forefront of this change is our UK-based Research and Development centre, where collaboration and creatively are happening everyday. But the core of our business is in our Education programme designed to meet the needs of Installers, Architects and Designers.

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