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Where we came from

The history of the invisible speaker.

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A team of British scientists creates a helicopter simulator with lifelike-sound by sending controlled vibrations throughout the main cabin structure.

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Using the same method, a second discovery is made when the ability to reproduce recorded music is revealed.

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Modern computing techniques allow mathematicians to model a vibrational surface, leading to improved designs.

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The very first vibrational panel loudspeakers enter the UK market disguised as ceiling tiles and pictures.

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Richard Newlove founds Amina in 1999.

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Amina develops the world’s first plaster-over speaker. The first installation takes place at a German investment bank.

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The Hi Fi market had begun to change dramatically. Multi-room audio comes to the forefront of the audio marketplace.

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Amina is recognised as the world-leader in invisible audio technology. It continues to apply the scientific rigour which transformed a novel idea into a high-performance audio technology,