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Where we came from

Amina founder Richard Newlove is the inventor of the plaster-over speaker: the technological advancement from which all modern invisible speakers are derived. Located in Huntingdon, in the heart Cambridgeshire, the company remains where it was established in 1999.

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A discovery in 1980s Britain

A team at the Ministry of Defence researches noise levels in helicopters. An accidental discovery leads to a helicopter simulator with lifelike sound.

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One day

A second discovery is made when a helicopter soundtrack is replaced with a music tape. The potential for a vibrating surface to reproduce music is revealed.

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A failed pitch

The concept is later shown to the world’s leading audio brands, who fail to see any commercially application in this novel technology.

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A new perspective and theory emerge

A connection between the MOD’s research and musical instruments is made. Modern computing techniques allow mathematicians to model a vibrational surface, leading to improved prototypes.

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Picture Frames and Ceiling Tiles

The very first vibrational panel loudspeakers enter the UK market disguised as ceiling tiles and pictures.

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The founding of Amina

Richard Newlove founds Amina, realising the potential of a specialised focus on vibration panel technology.

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The first invisible speaker 2001

A request from a German architect leads Newlove to develop the world’s first plaster-over speaker, and the first installation is huge success. Someone attempts to steal the speaker by removing it from the wall. They are disturbed in the act, and only damage to the wall is made.

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By 2004

The Hi Fi market had begun to change dramatically. Multi-room audio had come to the forefront of the audio marketplace.

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Amina is recognised as the world-leader in invisible audio technology. It continues to apply the scientific rigour which transformed a novel idea into a high-performance audio technology,