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Find help with Amina Products and Services

Amina Technologies Ltd. employs a wide range of in-house experts to support our world-wide network or partners. Whether you are an experienced Amina dealer or a newcomer, you can contact us any time for the latest expert tips and advice.

Product Selector

Consult with an Amina expert on the best product combination for your desired listening result.

System Design

Amina products can be used in a number or audio systems; we can work with on on drawings or recommend a design for your client or project.


For 100 percent confidence in every aspect of your installation, we can provide up to the minute advice to suit you and your project.

A support worker

Ways to Contact us

There are a number of ways to reach one a team member. Use one of the following options. Speak to us today.


We are always on hand to help you with issues on-site or any time.


Anyone is welcome to experience the latest products and learn from our in-house technical team.


A member of our technical support team can provide email support documents and illustrations.