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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

  • Which end is the input/output on my Single Channel Protection Unit (APUi)?

    APUi is bi-directional, and comes with 300mm un-terminated cable on each end. This means that either cable can be used as the input or output, allowing for ultimate installation flexibility.

  • Does the plaster crack?

    No, the technology used means that the speaker surface vibrates much like a musical instrument, there is simply not enough movement to crack the plaster. When correctly installed, you can be sure that your speakers will never crack the plaster.

  • Is the sound muffled once the speaker is plastered over?

    No, the plaster effortlessly transmits the sound from the loudspeaker surface into the room due to its physical properties without sounding muffled. The loudspeakers are specifically voiced to sound at their best when a 2mm skim of plaster has been applied to the surface.

  • How do the the speakers work?

    Amina VPT loudspeakers generate sound using vibrations within the lightweight and stiff panel material. This is similar to how an acoustic guitar works, the vibrations in the strings are mechanically vibrating the soundboard which then radiates the sound. Instead of strings, Amina speakers use ‘exciters’ to vibrate the panel.

  • What happens if they go wrong?

    Due to their simple physical design, there are very few things that can go wrong with Amina speakers. We only sell to Amina trained installers, ensuring that your loudspeakers are installed to the highest standards. Amina Protection Units ensure there is no chance your speakers will be overdriven beyond their limits. Inevitably, things do occasionally go wrong, in those rare circumstances, Amina pride themselves on full customer support to resolve the problem quickly and professionally.

  • Which speakers should I use in my home?

    Amina’s Evolution series loudspeakers have been designed to reproduce crystal-clear, high quality audio, perfect for home installations. Whether you are an audiophile looking for the best invisible stereo system or are looking for house-filling multi-room audio or are even wanting to create a fully invisible home cinema, the Evolution series is perfect for you.

  • Can I install the speakers myself?

    Whilst the installation process isn’t complicated and someone who is competent at DIY would probably be able to install the speakers, we insist that all Amina speakers are installed by industry professionals who have attended Amina training. This ensures your speakers are installed to the highest standards, allowing them to sound great and last for years to come.

  • What do the speakers sound like?

    No matter which range of Amina speakers you are purchasing, you can be sure that we have done everything possible to make them sound as good as they can be for you. With great detail and clarity in the high end, the sound is open and natural with ultra-wide 180° high frequency dispersion, unlike any conventional loudspeaker. If you require greater low frequency extension or even earth shattering bass, we have a range of near invisible sub woofers which can all be installed in either cavities or used in-room.

  • What about bass performance?

    With VPT loudspeakers, the low frequency reproduction is determined by the panel size. Without making the panels much larger, we have managed to get low frequency extension down to 105Hz in all product ranges. Our top of the range Evolution Series AIW750i uses a two panel design with a dedicated low frequency panel capable of reproducing everything down to 50Hz. If you require greater low frequency extension or even earth shattering bass, we have a range of near invisible sub woofers which can all be installed in either cavities or used in-room.

  • How do they sound compared with conventional loudspeakers?

    All loudspeakers sound different, and what sounds best is a subjective matter that is very personal to each listener. But there are always things that can be measured such as frequency response and dispersion pattern. Amina loudspeakers typically have clearer high frequency detail than comparable conventional loudspeakers, but they might fall slightly shorter when it comes to low frequency reproduction. For this reason, we supply a range of near invisible sub woofers designed to work seamlessly with our speakers. With an ultra-wide 180° dispersion pattern even at the high frequencies, Amina invisible loudspeakers have great room-filling capabilities, with a wide sweet spot, all whilst maintaining spatial focus and clarity.

  • Can they be heard in adjoining rooms?

    When installing any type of loudspeaker, whether it is free-standing or installed into a wall, there is always a chance of hearing the speaker in an adjoining room. However, we supply a backbox which will help reduce rearward sound transmission by up to 30dB in the mid-range. Low frequency attenuation is nearer 10dB. If speakers are to be placed in a wall or ceiling where sound-transmission is to be reduced further, Amina can provide information on the use of construction techniques to help further reduce the sound transmission.

  • Are they compatible with standard amplifiers?

    Yes, most amplifiers should be more than capable of powering our loudspeakers. It is always essential to double check the specification of the amplifier to check that it can provide enough clean power into the speaker at the correct output impedance. All Amina speakers are either 8 Ohm or 4 Ohm devices.

  • What other audio equipment do I need to create an invisible music system?

    Amina speakers are passive speakers, so you will need an amplifier and a media source eg media server/streamer, CD player, mobile phone, AV receiver etc.

  • Can they be used for home cinema?

    Yes, the more powerful models in our Evolution Series are more than capable of creating a fully invisible home cinema/media room.

  • How much does a typical installation cost?

    This will vary dramatically as it is totally dependant on the construction methods and the individual installer that you use.

  • Can the speakers be used in both ceilings and walls?

    Yes, all speakers can be installed in either walls or ceilings. Depending on the construction methods to be used, we can offer different installation options and backboxes to suit your specific requirements. We also provide slim-line speakers that can fit between narrow joist spacing’s or above doors etc.

  • What materials can be the speakers be placed behind?

    Whilst the speakers are designed to sound at their best behind a 2mm skim of plaster, there are many different covering options. Speakers can be installed within wooden panelling, leather, metal, wallpaper, acrylic, mother of pearl, within furniture or cabinetry and even behind gold gilt! The only limiting factor is your imagination!