Amina products have no single market. Although certain industries and users have come to define the various uses of invisible speakers, we have always maintained that any environment can be enhanced with sound, and any spaces benefit from a technology without a visual trace.


The rise of multi room audio and the ‘connect home’ has revolutionised the invisible speaker business. The need to have music available as you move from room to room, or the number of audio channels required to achieve surround sound for home cinema, necessitates a large number of speakers. For today’s home-owner with a keen eye for design, the invisible solution is the only way to keep technology hidden and living functional.

Large numbers of speakers make for unsightly ceiling and walls.


It is easy to see why the retail industry was an early adopter of this technology. Retailers centre their store designs on brand identity, which is an integral part of their sales strategy; particularly with luxury brands. These stores endeavour to find the right style and genre of music to fit their brand as it is an important part of the consumer experience, and invisible speakers allow for exactly that design-audio integration.

High Definition audio in any position means listening environments are optimised for maximum consumer satisfaction.


The demands of modern work-environments have grown enormously during the 21st century. The technological precedents set by companies such as Google and Apple have necessitated a new type of office infrastructure. Streaming, conferencing and document collaboration have all perpetuated the wireless high-tech revolution. An invisible loudspeaker design fits in seamlessly for many businesses looking to join these ranks.

Wireless technology has promoted more integrated and functional office environments to which audio technology is key.


The leisure industries have perhaps been the quickest to promote the audio benefits of our product range. 180 degree dispersion resulting in the maintenance of high frequencies and a room-filling sound, has allowed for a more accurate audio experience where conventional speakers are less effective.

Amina speakers create a room-filling sound giving full coverage with fewer products.


Creating sound in public venues with zero visual impact.

Less distractions means galleries and other public centres can focus visitor attention.