Speaker Quantity & Spacing Estimator

A powerful tool for specifying speakers in larger spaces.

The Calculator

When specifying loudspeakers, it is essential to consider sound localisation, channel count, system bandwidth and minimum/maximum required sound pressure level within the space.

VPT loudspeakers achieve far greater spacial coverage than their conventional speaker equivalents, therefore you will find that fewer VPT speakers are required to achieve the same coverage within a space.

Amina SQSE is a tool to help system designers specify the correct number of speakers required to achieve even coverage within a large area. SQSE allows the user to enter in room dimensions, listener head height and choice of speaker, it will then output the achievable SPL from the displayed speaker quantity and spacing.

In smaller spaces, speaker quantity will often be dictated by sound localisation and channel count requirements, making this tool more relevant to commercial projects or residential installations where there are large open spaces.

This tool should only be used to work out the required number of speakers to achieve even coverage across a space. Remember that it is important to select a speaker on it's performance characteristics as well as the number required to attain even coverage. For further information on speaker options, see the product page.

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