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Support Products

Mounting options for walls and ceilings, alignment shims,
high impedance transformers and loudspeaker protection units.
All options allow for a successful and flexible installation.

Support Products

Protection Units


Rack-Mountable Multi-Channel Protection Units.

Compact Protection

Passive rack-mounted protection unit for Amina Invisible Loudspeakers. For use in installations with higher numbers of low-impedance speakers with a centralised AV rack. Direct-to-PCB screw terminal-blocks allow for fast and easy permanent installation. Either 8 or 16 channel options available.


Highly Flexible

With each channel containing a selectable HPF and self-resetting thermal fuse circuit, you can be sure that each speaker will perform safely even when pushed to its limits. Please note that each channel should be set to the appropriate protection group as per below guide.

Specifications APU-RS16iCAPU-RS8iC
Default protection settingGroup1 - 15WGroup1 - 15W
Dimensions1U high, front panel 482mm x 44.4mm
(19” x 1 3/4”), case depth 213mm (8 3/8”)
1U high, front panel 482mm x 44.4mm
(19” x 1 3/4”), case depth 213mm (8 3/8”)
Electrical connectionDirect-to-PCB screw terminal blocksDirect-to-PCB screw terminal blocks
Product weight3.14Kg (6lbs 14oz)
Speaker families supportedMobius, Edge, iQ (legacy)
See compatibility table
Mobius, Edge, iQ (legacy)
See compatibility table
Protection Group Compatable Loud speakers
1iQ1, iQ2 (legacy)
3Mobius3i, Edge3i, iQ3 (legacy), MobiusDual i
5Mobius5i, Edge5i, Mobius5i/S200
7Mobius7i, Edge7i


Single-Channel Protection Unit.


Single channel in-line protection unit for use with all low impedance Amina loudspeakers. Connected to the output terminal of the amplifier before the loudspeaker cable to allow maximum loudspeaker performance for a lifetime.

Can be easily dressed back with any cable management system.


Each unit contains an individual HPF and self-resetting thermal fuse specific to one particular loudspeaker model. Please ensure that the appropriate APUiC is connected to each loudspeaker. See compatibility table below.

Dimensions (including cable)760 x 20mm
Dimensions (excluding cable)150 x 20mm
Weight108g (0.24lbs)
Cable terminationUn-terminated
Cable length (each side of APUiC)300mm
Cable typeDouble-insulated 2.5mm stranded 2-core
19" rack-mount alternativesAPU-RS16iC, APU-RS8iC
Warranty2-year manufacturer limited warranty.
APUi10CiQ1, iQ2 (legacy)
APUi30CMobius3i, Edge3i, MobiusDual i
APUi50CMobius5i, Edge5i, Mobius5i/S200
APUi70CMobius7i, Edge7i
DatasheetImagesInstallation Guide
APUiC DatasheetAPUiCAPUiC Installation Guide


Cavity Wall

Providing mounting, enhanced performance and acoustic isolation in cavity wall and ceiling constructions.

Cavity wall backboxes  are an easy to install mounting option in plasterboard cavity walls and ceilings (drywall) for Amina Invisible Loudspeakers . They create an acoustically tuned cavity behind the speaker, ensuring both consistent loudspeaker audio quality as well as minimising rearward airborne sound transmission.

Dimensions500mm x 351mm x 71.5mm
(1911/16” x1313/16” x 213/16”)
450mm x 306mm x 71.5mm
(173/4” x12” x 213/16”)
500mm x 206mm x 71.5mm
(1911/16” x82/16” x 213/16”)
Plasterboard cut-out required455mm x 350mm405mm x 305mm455mm x 205mm
Weight2.8Kg (6.2lbs)1.7Kg (3.75lbs)1.2Kg (2.64lbs)
Speaker cable entryRubber grommet (can be replaced by M20
Rubber grommet (can be replaced by M20
Rubber grommet (can be replaced by M20
Speaker fixing4x self tapping flange-head screws (supplied)4x self tapping flange-head screws (supplied)4x self tapping flange-head screws (supplied)
Wall fixing8x self tapping drywall screws (supplied)8x self tapping drywall screws (supplied)8x self tapping drywall screws (supplied)
Minimum cavity depth75mm75mm75mm
Sound pressure attenuation-26dB on average over 150Hz - 5kHz range-26dB on average over 150Hz - 5kHz range-26dB on average over 150Hz - 5kHz range
BackboxCV345Edge7i, Edge5i, Mobius7i, Mobiu5i, MobiusDual i
BackboxCV300Mobius3i, Edge3i

Solid Wall

Mounting option for solid block wall constructions.

The SW345, SW300 and SW200 backboxes are an easy to install mounting option for Amina invisible loudspeakers into solid or block walls and ceilings.

Dimensions462mm x 358mm x 55mm
(1812/64” x 146/64” x 211/64”)
410mm x 313mm x 55mm
(169/64” x 1221/64” x 211/64”)
455mm x 209mm x 50mm
(1729/32” x81/5” x 131/32”)
Required cavity cutout460mm x 355mm
410mm x 310mm
460mm x 210mm
Approximate cavity depth60mm60mm60mm
Speaker cable entryRubber grommetsRubber grommetsRubber grommets
Speaker fixing4 x self tapping flange-head screws (supplied)4 x self tapping flange-head screws (supplied)4 x self tapping flange-head screws (supplied)
Wall fixing4 x screws/anchors/wall plugs suitable for the
wall/ceiling structure (not supplied)
4 x screws/anchors/wall plugs suitable for the
4 x screws/anchors/wall plugs suitable for the
BackboxSW345Mobius7i, Mobius5i,
MobiusDual i


Providing a 60 minute fire rating and acoustic insulation on projects where building regulations require them.

When installing Amina Invisible Loudspeakers into a cavity wall or ceiling, it is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the required fire rating of the wall/ceiling is maintained. By using Amina Firehoods by HoodyTM, you can easily meet these requirements with an inexpensive and easy to install solution, offering complete peace of mind.
Constructed from an intumescent kevlar material, the Firehood comes in three different sizes, meaning that there is an option for each of the three speaker sizes that Amina has to offer. Please refer to the compatibility table below.

Dimensions597 x 222 x 102mm (231/2" x 83/4" x 4”)552 x 318 x 102mm (213/4" x 121/5" x 4”)589 x 356 x 102mm (231/5" x 14" x 4”)
Firehood300Mobius3i, Edge3i
Firehood345Edge7i, Edge5i, Mobius7i, Mobiu5i, MobiusDual i

Mounting Options

Mounting Blocks

For use when there is insufficient cavity space for an Amina cavity backbox (less than 75mm). Allows installation of Amina loudspeakers into plasterboard with a rear cavity depth of just 30mm – Please note, rear of loudspeaker should be covered using soft insulation material where mounting blocks are used to prevent ingress of debris over time.

Mounting block options for a range of plasterboard thickness are available, please state plasterboard thickness at time of order.


Shims available to allow alignment of speaker and backbox with any thickness plasterboard other than 12.5mm (1/2″) (or multi-layered build-up), ensuring that no more than 2mm plaster is applied to the front of a plaster-over loudspeaker.

May also be used for alignment in a retrofit installation or alignment of Edge Series speakers.

Loudspeaker Shims

These should be used where plasterboard thickness is greater than 12.5mm (1/2″), these will push the speaker forward.

To calculate correct loudspeaker shim requirement:

(Total plasterboard thickness) – 12.5mm = Shim thickness required


Double skin 12.5mm board: (2 x 12.5) – 12.5 = 12.5mm speaker shim


Backbox Shims

These should be used where plasterboard thickness is less than 12.5mm (1/2″), these will push the backbox and speaker assembly to the rear.

To calculate correct backbox shim requirement:

“12.5mm” – (total plasterboard thickness) = Shim thickness required


Single skin 10mm board: 12.5 – (10mm) = 2.5mm  backbox shim


Please specify shim type, backbox size (CV345/300/200) and required shim thickness at time of order



Commercial Speakers

High Impedance 100V/70V Line Transformers

Providing a great solution for high end commercial installations, all Amina Invisible Loudspeakers can be supplied with high-quality toroidally wound transformers for both 100V and 70V line systems.

With a choice of either fixed-power or multi-tapped transformers available for all Amina Loudspeakers, the ability to specify a flexible and high performing invisible system has never been easier. Multi-tap transformer allows for adjustment to specification up to the moment of installation. Multi-tap transformer shown fitted to iQ3 (Legacy product).

Multi-tap Transformer (MT)

100V/40W/4 Ohm tappings: 10W, 20W, 40W
100V/20W/4 Ohm tappings: 5W, 10W, 20W
100V/20W/8 Ohm tappings: 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W

70V/40W/4 Ohm tappings: 5W, 10W, 20W
70V/20W/4 Ohm tappings: 2.5W, 5W, 10W
70V/20W/8 Ohm tappings: 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W, 10W


Fixed-value Transformer (100/70T)

Options for fixed-value 20W, 40W or 60W transformers available if required for both 4 Ohm and 8Ohm loudspeakers.


Transformer value must be equal to or lower than the power rating of the loudspeaker it is being used with. Custom rated transformers may be available. Please contact your distributor if you have any special requirements.



Please state required amplifier voltage and power requirements at time of placing order. Please note that addition of transformers may increase lead time.


Mobius3i+MT, Mobius5i+100/40, Edge5i+MT.


Transformer Datasheet